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Widow’s Downtime – IronWolf – english

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Pressure Whip out

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[Comicom-Ryu] The Avengers

The everlasting battle between Thanos and the Avengers will be played out in a completely different way when there were women within the superhero team. Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch are examples of female superheroes. But, what the heck! We live in a world of hentai parodies right now so we can cause such a thing to actually happen! Are you willing to be a part of the “Endgame?” even more?

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[EvviArt] Touch Me

Sometimes sneak peeking atone of the most powerfulof Avengers while showering can end up with the worst of it… however, sometimes it can also be the best day in the life of someone who gets to sneak peeking at Scarlet Witch at the day when she is horny all by herself! As you can see, one these rare instances will be featured in this comic parody!

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[CELLULOID-ACME (Chiba Toshirou)] Wild 4 YOU!! (Various) [English]

Black Cat is not a superherobut she is an incredibly thief! It isn’t a huge shining object (and probably quite costly!) today. She is not looking for the ideal thing, she is actually after another type of hunt that involves both the prey and the bait. Spider-Man is her prey while her bait is her large and round bodycurves, all in the black bodysuit of latex. Black Cat Good hunting! Best of luck to you, Spidey!

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(Tracy Scops) The Lust Avenger (The Avengers)

Captain Marvel is one of the strongest superheroes of Marvel Universe so it could be a huge problem if one day this busty blonde will turn into a sex obsessed maniac because if she will want to then she could easily sexually assualt someone like Thor or Iron Man! And as you have probably already guessed this is exactly the problem that our favorite superheroes are going to face in this hentai parody comics…

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[Pegasus] Submission Agenda – Captain Marvel

The fact that Captain Marvel is consideirng herself as the storngest of all superheroes actually means only one thing – it means that she simply has not meet her match… yet. And by ‘match’ we mean some really bad guy who could not only to defeat her in a fight but also to break her and to turn her into his obedient personal slut. Just like the one that is shown in this hentai parody comics.

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Mr. Doritos – english

The comic is a re-imagined version of the lullaby Black Widow used to calm down Hulk, and turn him to Bruce Banner. The version we chose has a difficult aspect: the words by themselves are not enough. A redhead spygirl clad in a tailored bodusuit must confront this beast’s excitement in a more sexual way.

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(Tracy Scop) – Biochem Menace (The Avengers)

There aren’t many things that can stop Black Widow from completing her mission , but the gas that transforms her to a cocky slut is one of themand this is precisely the issue she will have to face during this mission. Will she be able stand up against it, regardless of the circumstances is going on? Or is this parody from the hentai be one of those with an end that is happy?

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Ragnarok – Tracy Scops – english

Ragnarok is here , and the Goddess of Death has emerged from the cave. She’s had her eyes on this moment for years and now she is ready to begin inflicting a smooch on everyone. She grabs Spider-Man and force him to kiss her cunt. Then she licks her big boobs. After that the Goddess suckers in a big dick, and gets high from fissing. Bogia charms the Amazon and then fucks with her on the sexy. In the background is the cat fucking girl. The point is to watch and enjoy.

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