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Widow’s Downtime – IronWolf – english

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[Comicom-Ryu] The Avengers

The everlasting battle between Thanos and the Avengers will be played out in a completely different way when there were women within the superhero team. Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch are examples of female superheroes. But, what the heck! We live in a world of hentai parodies right now so we can cause such a thing to actually happen! Are you willing to be a part of the “Endgame?” even more?

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Mr. Doritos – english

The comic is a re-imagined version of the lullaby Black Widow used to calm down Hulk, and turn him to Bruce Banner. The version we chose has a difficult aspect: the words by themselves are not enough. A redhead spygirl clad in a tailored bodusuit must confront this beast’s excitement in a more sexual way.

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(Tracy Scop) – Biochem Menace (The Avengers)

There aren’t many things that can stop Black Widow from completing her mission , but the gas that transforms her to a cocky slut is one of themand this is precisely the issue she will have to face during this mission. Will she be able stand up against it, regardless of the circumstances is going on? Or is this parody from the hentai be one of those with an end that is happy?

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